My Story – Rex Merrick

Paul Harris Fellow Award – Double Sapphire: (PP Rex Merrick)

Rotary Rotorua Sunrise recognises a long-serving member of this Club for the largely unsung but continual personal contributions and assistance given to not only Club activities but the wider local and international communities without expectation of recognition or reward.
Rex’s story is one that truly meets the ideals of the establishment and bestowing of a PHF – Paul Harris Fellowship Award – to honour long and commendable service to the community that fulfills the ideals of Rotary for the betterment of humanity, and is not made for personal or family reward or remuneration.

A brief summary of continual contribution from this member includes many years of supporting community programmes to assist those in need for wide ranging reasons, whether poverty related, disability, or new immigrant families needing to adapt to their new life in Rotorua.

  • He and his wife have consistently supported and hosted foreign students as they study and live in the Rotorua community, and there are many stories of life-long friendships developing from the very caring, mentoring roles and personal help often extended to the wider families of those students.
  • He is a long serving member of the South Pacific College Trust, which funds students from New Zealand and overseas.
  • He runs programmes at several schools in Rotorua and Tauranga – including building up confidence in speaking, reading and leadership.
  • He is noted for his generosity, hospitality and kindness to tourists and strangers, who often are invited home for a meal or temporary accommodation.
  • His kind nature and willingness to listen often sees him in the role of counsellor and supporter for many troubled members of our community.

The story could go on ….but that may further embarrass this ‘unsung, under the radar’ Rotarian.
Rex Merrick is a Charter member of Rotorua Sunrise, having initially joined Rotorua North in 1988 and was President of that Club in 1996-97 before joining Sunrise as a foundation member in 1998.
Rex has generously devoted time and effort throughout that period in many of the projects, causes and fundraising undertaken by the Club, and has served as Secretary; International Director; Community Director; Sergeant; Treasurer (for 2 years); and of course is Immediate Past President.
It is a pleasure to award Rex  a Double Sapphire PHF pin in recognition of his contribution to our Club, our community, and the ideals of Rotary.