Club Services

The Club Service committee is responsible for most aspects of running the club, including the roles of secretary, treasurer, bulletin editor, speaker organiser, webmaster, PR and more. The Club Service Committee plan club events each year, including the following;.

Charter Night

Charter Night is put on every October to celebrate the birthday of Rotorua Sunrise. Each year has a different theme and function venue, to the discretion of the Club Service Committee.


Changeover sees the end of one Rotary year, and the beginning of the new year, with the changing of the guard. This means that individuals move into and out of new roles, and some members are awarded with special awards for their contribution. This is held in June every year.

 Christmas Breakfast

Our Christmas Breakfast is held as the last meeting of the calendar year, with special celebrations for the festive season. It is a chance for members to invite family, and special guests of Rotary Rotorua Sunrise.

 Plate Challenge