My Story – Peter Stein

Life Honorary Member and recipient of Paul Harris Fellow Award

In 2001 the Club agreed to assist in the running of the Rally of Rotorua which was a leg of the Asia-Pacific Rally Championship.  I was assigned the position of co-ordinator for spectator safety by Rally New Zealand with the plan that Rotary Rotorua Sunrise would provide the manpower necessary for the task.  Club members manned designated public viewing positions on the various stages.  Rotary Rotorua Sunrise was responsible for stages from Lake Rotoehu in the north to Rainbow Mountain in the south.  The members’ key role was to ensure all spectators occupied safe viewing positions at all times.  Spectators were charged a viewing fee and a portion of the proceeds was given to the club to use to support current projects.  The club took part in the Rally annually for five years.  The most successful year provided $7,000 towards club funds and projects.  My involvement during the five years provided me with many memorable Rotary Moments.

PP Peter Stein